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Chairman’s Opening Remarks

09:10 – 9:35

2020 Vision: Risk and Returns into the Next Decade

The conversation around 2020 continues to evolve—some pinpointed it for a potential recession, others saw that the key drivers of the global financial landscape were in a much better position to prevent a downturn. But even if a recession can be avoided—where are the bright spots? Should investors be merely chasing demographic change and a transforming climate, or are there other factors at play? This presentation will run through the challenges facing investors in navigating the road ahead towards a sustainable economy.

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09:35 – 10:00

The Emerging GCC: Investing in a Rising Region

A year on from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait’s separate inclusions in the MSCI Emerging Market Index and just ahead of the much-anticipated Expo 2020 in the UAE, the broader GCC region looks to be one of the premiere emerging markets moving into the next decade, with many places for investors to find value. This presentation will trace the region’s rise, and where investors should be looking into the next decade, and how the global regulatory landscape will affect investment in the region.

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10:00 – 10:10

Q&A Round

10:10 – 10:40

Morning Coffee Break & Networking Opportunity

10:40 – 11:05

Alternative Investments in the 2020s: A Shifting Landscape

As conventional instruments fail to provide the kind of returns that investors are looking for, alternative investments have become less of an alternative and more of a necessity to every balanced portfolio. As the space gets increasingly diverse and sophisticated, however, identifying and pursuing the right opportunities across private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, commodities and futures can be increasingly difficult, including how those opportunities interact with the tech space both in the region and worldwide.

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11:05 - 11:30

Disruptive Technology and Investment: Reshaping the Way We Invest

Two years after cryptocurrency’s rise and fall changed the way that we look at money, there are numerous ways in which technology is continuing to transform the investment world. With Artificial Intelligence and Roboadvisory making a strong case for active investment, how can the wealth and asset management industry play a complementary role? What other technologies are shaping investment, and what will investment look like in 2030?

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11:30 – 11:40

Q&A Round

11:40 – 12:05

Sustainable Investment in the Next Decade

Sustainable investment, whether by following the UN’s ESG guidelines or just moving into a more socially responsible strategy, has moved to the forefront of the biggest investment institutions worldwide, as well as the front of the conversation in the way in which we discuss the future of capitalism, how it interacts with society, and how we will build a better future. Long gone are the days of purely exclusionary tactics—how will sustainable investment continue to evolve from here?

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12:05 – 12:30

Chasing Unicorns: The Region’s Tech Landscape Reaches Maturity

After the successful acquisitions of Souq and Careem, the Middle East has officially emerged as a hotspot for tech start-ups and disruptive technologies. How can investors best get involved in this lucrative but risky area, and what can we learn from how it has already developed in the last 10 years?

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12:30 – 12:40

Q&A Interview

12:40 – 12:50

State of Wealth in the World – An Update from Wealth-X

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12:50 – 13:35

Break for Lunch

13:35 – 13:40

Chairman’s Opening Remarks

13:40 – 14:10

Real Estate in the GCC in 2030

For investors in the GCC, Real Estate has always remained an integral part of their portfolios, and a keyway in which the wealth of the region has been both created and grown. What will the landscape look like in the next ten years, and what parts of the market should investors be identifying?

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14:10 – 14:40

Mega Trends in the Real Estate World

With cross-border investment activity growing and regional investors focused on real estate abroad, where are the biggest growth areas worldwide? How are macroeconomic events affecting real estate, and where can investors find the most value?

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14:40 – 15:10

Family Affairs Panel: Family Offices and the Next Generation

Family offices are a huge part of the landscape for investment in the region. How is the best way to build and sustain a family office, how have family offices in the region evolved, and what are the governance pitfalls that family offices must avoid in order to find continued success? A panel of experts in the field discuss.

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15:10 – 15:40

Family Affairs Panel: Succession Planning, Wills and Inheritance

For the region’s affluent, planning for after one is gone is a vital priority. How can wealth be preserved long into the future, what kind of governance measures need to put in place, and for both GCC nationals and expats, what kind of what is the best way to plan the next steps today—and how do those steps differ?

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15:40 – 16:10

The Tokenization of Assets is Disrupting the Way we Invest! Are you ready?

Blockchain combined with other emerging technologies is promising to fundamentally change the way traditional businesses function, and is also expected to alter the way people invest by tokenizing assets. While tokenization is perceived to be a change agent and presents more opportunities to leverage these assets than we have in the past, there are still concerns and challenges on the way.

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16:10 – 16:40

Investing in Startups: How to Benefit from an Asset Class with Exponential Growth Potential

The start-up investment landscape continues to evolve, with the tech space being harder to navigate than ever. While early-stage investment will always remain a risky proposition, the possibility of finding and nurturing a tech start-up that has the potential to achieve a massive valuation and even transform the world as we know still remains. How can retail investors navigate this tricky landscape, and is it worth investing in regional or international tech start-ups to complement an otherwise more conservative portfolio.

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Fireside Chat with Gabriel Abed: The Future of Digital Asset Capital Markets and Blockchain

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Closing Remarks and End of Wealth Arabia Summit 2019


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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